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 This is a fan page for beautiful actress Mazy Kyst.


           "Shamelessness is a Virtue. I am the Whorax, I speak for the sluts" Mazy Kyst

 Mazy Kyst was an American fetish star who acted in privately made adult films in the mid-2000's. She was known for her long luscious hair, her ample curves, her giant natural breasts and her willingness to do anything sexual on camera.  Her quotes of Sex Positive philosophy have inspired many.  She came out publicly as a bisexual, masochistic exhibitionist, calling herself the Whorax and a Slut-Goddess. A plus-sized, amazonian milf, Mazy was born in the early 70's  into a poly nudist hippy commune in the American south-west, but was raised in Minnesota, (or, born in Minnesota, raised in the south-west?) and worked professionally in Van Nuys, California before moving elsewhere.   She grew up with a consciousness of her kinks ever since youth, when her desires made themselves extremely clear, prompting her to dream and act on dark passions of extreme lusts.   Mazy has publicly slept with hundreds of all genders, and it is good.  Mazy is a genius, a graduate of an Ivy League school.  Mazy now is a happily married submissive woman with many thousands of loyal fans who wish she would return to acting. 


    In her words:

    "I love the east coast --  It thrives, it breathes, it feeds my need for change. People are individuals, they challenge me, they enlighten me, and they let me savor the joy of differentness. I can experience the pulse of the ever changing natural world and revel in its wonder. I can travel to a city and not be suffocated by the amount of people around me and the cookie cutter buildings but be joyful of the juxtaposition of old world charm and new world marvels. 

 I don't conform to what "they" say. I do what I must and I love every moment of it. I'm unconventional in every way. I do believe in "labels" as they make it easier to know what you are getting into. I am a pagan, bisexual, kinky, submissive,  lover, chef, hostess,  grounded, dancer, scifi/fantasy/ fan, outdoorsy, butch w/o compromising my femininity. I am engaged in a 24/7 BDSM relationship that has proven to be the most loving caring relationship I have ever had. I have experienced more true depth of feeling than I ever thought possible and I am learning more about myself and my needs everyday.
      I am voluptuous, brilliant, and devoted. Whatever I can. I work hard, I play hard and I contemplate the meaning of it all hard, too. If I'm not doing something (and that's rare), I'm doing absolutely nothing in the wild woods. I'm experiencing true mind-boggling love for the first time. In my spare time, I quest for filling my life with as much pleasure as possible and with Master here that is rather easy to do.Cooking, making people laugh, packing for long trips, multi-tasking, improvising, getting the big picture, having multiple...enjoyments.

          People notice my huge breasts. Its true, I have them and I show them off. What can I say, I'm an engineer by nature and we believe in using every tool at our disposal, whether its PC or not.
           When i read, its to escape so actually, I never read anything too deep. I love Gor, the Anne Rice Vampire & Witch series.  A good bodice ripper is always fun to read sprawled in the grass under a crystal blue sky   
         I'm a chef so most food is wonderful, the funkier the better though. I LOVE rare red meat that I can really sink my teeth into

          I believe in Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, Love(maybe lust is better there but with my relationship there is both

      Not to sound like a sex fiend, although I am, but I think about sex. Its the most raw expression of inner being and that's what speaks to me. Its free and doesn't hurt anyone (well actually sometimes it hurts me but that's a whole other story). It transcends the everyday "have tos" and thrusts me right into the other worldly "want tos".

       Lighting candles and/or a fire, having a cocktail, soaking up the phenomenal night sky while soaking in the hot tub, watching a movie curled up with my sweetie or having the most phenomenal sex ever is my ideal past time. This is, of course, providing I don't have friends over as I love to entertain as much as possible. Of course, sometimes, its my friends I'm having sex with. I can be quite the exhibitionist."









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Mazy sightings

07/12/2012 14:55
Sadly, Mazy no longer stars in films; occasionally however, she has been seen at Sex Positive events around the USA.  Feel free to write us if you meet or see Mazy.