Mazy was a pro-sub in a variety of pro-am films, most shot and sold for individual, private commission, only Odyssey was available for online public purchase.
All of the following films were available on VHS and are no longer sold anywhere. 

ODYSSEY ON THE EDGE-   ODYSSEY ON THE EDGE  is the film for which Mazy is most famous. Mazy serves as a dinner table, steak & potatoes are eaten- cut right on her chest and breasts. Then, her pussy is shaved, and vibrated to a noisy orgasm. She is cut, and her Master drinks her blood!  Then, Mazy is flogged in bondage, with closeups of her luscious breasts being pierced by needles. With Master Vicious.This is a hot and sensual compilation.

MULTIPLE MAZY-  Flogging of Mazy; biting fondling DP vibrating writhing orgasms sobbing bondage screams, oh my!  

CHAINED CAPTIVE-  Delicate Mazy is chained helplessly with her arms overhead, while being flogged, her mouth is duct taped, she's held down and her breasts are pierced with needles. Some blood, intense. 

DINNER PARTY-  Dinner eaten off of Mazy! Some edge and wax play 

DUTY CALLS- Mazy orally services Master Vicious in her skimpy outfit, hot sex naturally ensues. 

OO LA LA OW!- Mazy dresses like a red and black can-can dancer, before being bent over and flogged in a fit of carnal passion 

SHAVE AND A TWAT SHOT-  Mazy's crotch is shaved, and  Master  Vicious carves his initials into her leg.  She has a spectacular orgasm 

Mazy's  Details:
Ethnicity-- White Slut
Body Type-- Curvy
Breasts 44GG All Natural
Measurements 48-36-48
Height-- 5′ 11″ (1.80m).

Smokes-- No
Drinks-- Often
Religion-- Pagan, and very serious about it
Education-- Graduated from an Ivy League university 
Languages-- English (Fluently), Spanish (Okay)
Non-human pets-- Has dogs and cats and fish
Sex, On command
Masturbates-- On command
Anal Yes
Flogger Yes
Rope Yes
Breath play Yes
Knife play Yes



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